ORMAN combines fine lines and statement silhouettes with its sculptural jewelry. The brand was established by Setenay Orman in 2018.

Setenay's designs come to life with traditional techniques such as wax carving as well as 3D sculpting, before casting in precious metals. Each piece is produced meticulously with the help of experienced craftsmen in Istanbul and is made to order, all to ensure quality while keeping in line with Setenay's belief that fine jewelry is not a subject of mass production, rather a piece of labor and devotion for each unique owner. All jewelry is made in 14k solid gold.

ORMAN stems from Setenay's belief that jewelry always can and should stand the test of time. That is why timeless collections and pieces are introduced sporadically, not succumbing to the fast pace of fashion trends and never rendering any piece of jewelry obsolete and out of style. 

"Our person is at peace with herself and likes to express herself, speak her mind. She has a lot of integrity and claims her place in the world. She values quality, thoughtfulness, and care.

The ORMAN woman doesn't take fashion all too seriously or live by fast trends. Her jewelry is just as much timeless 'everyday accessories' as it is cherished heirlooms that tell her story."


Going back and forth between her hometown Stockholm and Istanbul from an early age; after nearly ten years in the PR and communications industry, Setenay decided to change directions in both career and life, and launch her own jewelry collection.

Having finished her education of jewelry design and wax carving at the Istanbul Design Center in 2015, the idea and dream of dedicating her time to the creation of jewelry and her own brand, finally became reality in 2018.

Always curious, and with a tremendous love and respect for knowledge, she constantly continues to educate herself within her field. In 2023, she received her certificate in diamonds and diamond grading from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where she continues her education in precious gemstones.

Setenay now resides in Istanbul, where she works together with some of the most renowned lapidary artisans and goldsmiths to make her designs come to life.

Believing that simplicity is the truest form of elegance, Setenay has, still, always found herself drawn to jewelry that takes up space in both room and mind while contributing to a refined silhouette. While all the jewelry tell a personal story; Setenay draws inspiration from everything that creates interesting shapes and angles, and lures the eye to further examination, making all the pieces in the collections statements just as much as "everyday favorites".