Jewelry always speaks to us individually, we interpret shape and color in different ways. And we look for that one piece that embodies our own expression. 

Our founder and designer, Setenay Orman, plays with colors and forms all the time to offer an array of jewelry, but if you still can't find that one piece that speaks to you, Setenay is more than happy to create it for you. 

Made with stones chosen just for you, and shapes tailored to your vision, each piece will be one of a kind.

Whether you're looking to choose your own colors for our existing designs, or want Setenay to create a unique design, this collaboration begins with a couple of questions that we will share with you after you fill in the required
information and message below.

All bespoke journeys are overseen by Setenay herself, whether remotely or in-person in Istanbul.

Design commissions start at $3,000 consultation fee, a total budget is determined once a clear direction for the project has been confirmed. All inquiries are priced depending on your specific wishes and will vary depending on everything from size, shape and material. Please get in touch with us with your idea, and Setenay will get back to you to develop it into something that
you will always cherish. 

The inquiry is not binding at this stage, and will only be so once you accept our proposal. However, once we have started to work on your inquiry, we do charge $1,000 deposit for the initial phase. When you accept our proposal, this will be discounted from the total price for the commission.

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